Health & Safety is built into our business.
It's part of our DNA.


At Compass, safety is a primary consideration in everything we do.  We are committed to maintaining our excellent safety record by promoting and engaging a culture of safety through initiatives that include:


• A full time in-house health and safety management team

• A detailed health and safety policy and program that fully
incorporates and compliments the Ontario Health and
Safety Act and Regulations for Construction Projects in

• Regular “Toolbox Safety Talks” with sub-trades on every
project site

• Ongoing and comprehensive safety and first-aid training
for all employees

• Regular distribution and communication of safety
regulation changes and best-practices updates issued by
the Ministry and other industry safety organizations

• Continuous evaluation and improvement of our onsite
safety performance through detailed incident reporting,
investigation, and response protocols and procedures

• We are proud of our Zero Lost Time Incidents (LTI)


We are proud of our participation and sixth consecutive years of reaccreditation with ContractorCheck, a 3rd party health & safety auditing firm. 


Their annual health and safety assessment requires us to provide documentation and proof of training, procedures and insurance compliance.

This serves to assure our clients and project partners that we take health and safety seriously, abide by legislative and client specific requirements as well as mitigate our clients’ risks.